About Millville Friends

Millville Meeting has met regularly since its founding in1795. The meetinghouse is both informal and inspiring, with its long porch, ancient unpainted benches, and hand-hewn pillars. Yet this high-energy meeting community is contemporary; its members are drawn from across the Susquehanna valley.

Millville Monthly Meeting is part of Upper Susquehanna Quarterly Meeting, a vibrant rural outpost of Friends in Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. Most of today’s Upper Susquehanna Quarter Friends originally came from other religious backgrounds and have found a new spiritual home in Quakerism. USQM has programs for young Friends that include weekend and week-long camping retreats, skiing, hiking and bicycling and canoeing trips, overnighters in museums like the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, and programs that encourage spiritual and moral development. The Quarter sponsors programs for adults as well, gathering yearly for a weekend of camping, workshops on a variety of spiritual and social topics, dancing, singing and all manner of family fun. Classes are offered in Quaker faith and practice and a nine-month Spiritual Formation program that supports individuals in deepening their spiritual lives, and in finding companions along that journey.

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