Millville Friends Meeting gathers for worship each Sunday at 10am–please join us! All you need is a waiting heart, an hour to sit with a gathered community, and an appreciation of the spirit of God moving in the midst of a faithful people. All are welcome. Most weeks a “first day school” discussion follows worship. Children attend the first half of meeting with the adults and then adjourn to their own first day school program.

Friends, also known as Quakers, adhere to the beliefs that every person can directly experience God’s presence, and that the “Inner Light” exists within each person, making the external differences among people irrelevant. Like all Quakers, we try to live our lives by the testimonies of peace, equality, integrity, and simplicity, and are greatly concerned with stewardship of the environment. Quakers oppose war, racism, sexism, and religious intolerance.

The Friends community at Millville Meeting is contemporary, high-energy, and socially involved. Our members are drawn from diverse backgrounds and from across the region. Meeting members are active in community services, including the local food bank, Task Force on Racial Equity, and Community Mediation Service. The meeting helps support an excellent school – Greenwood Friends School.

Mailing Address:
Millville Monthly Meeting
PO Box 536
Millville, PA 17846

Address (for GPS)
351 E. Main St.
Millville, PA 17846

Clerk: Paul Loomis
email: loomispa@gmail.com
phone: 570 380 4452

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Directions to Millville Friends Meeting

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